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Gavin Greenaway and Danny Elfman - drawing from Ilayaraaja? Gavin Greenaway and Danny Elfman - drawing from Ilayaraaja?

Topic started by Ilayaraaja inspired Hollywood composers (@ on Sat Apr 27 00:01:39 EDT 2002.
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Gavin Greenaway is someone to watch out for. He has a thrilling score for The Time Machine 2002. I feel the finale is very Ilayaraaja. (In fact, could have been an IR tune itself, I am trying to scan my database!) Just like how i think Danny Elfman's Men In Black theme draws a lot from IR tunes and style. Another comparison is the Star Wars Phantom Menace finale by John Williams. Actually the only two composers who really could be secretly admiring IR. For more of Gavin Greenaway, try to get hold of his composition for the Millenium Parade at Walt Disney Studios. It is a beautiful beautiful tune, chorus and great percussion sounds! It is called Tapestry of Nations and Tapestry of Dreams! Actually some of it is in the Time Machine.


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