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<b><font color=red>The TFMDF Final Exam :-)</font></b> The TFMDF Final Exam :-)

Topic started by hehehewalrus on behalf of '*' (@ on Fri Oct 29 11:40:51 EDT 2004.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Time to say goodbye. Post your farewells and wishes here...

1. Which thread has maximum number of Old Responses?
2. Whats unique about Sakhiye song of ARR?
3. Name any thread that is a contest.
4. Name a magazine which has mentioned our site.
5. Name 2 music personalities from the filmworld who posted here.
6. Name 3 music related websites(not hosted on freeservers) started by DFers inspired by the DF.
The Legends:
7. How many threads have been started by Saravanan?
8. In which thread did LLD make his debut?
9. Who among the following is a HCARRF?
a) WhyNot b) MUSIC LOVER c) Ambleen d) xml
10. How many threads have been started under the nick 'Jay' only?
a) None b) 15 c) 66 d) 281
This is an open book exam :-)


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