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Ilayaraja Movies and Songs Database Ilayaraja Movies and Songs Database

Topic started by Ramesh and Diwakar (@ on Mon May 1 19:19:50 EDT 2000.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Dear DFers,

We are in the process of creating a comprehensive database of the Maestro's compositions. We have some of the data already available at :

We would like to include as many details as we can about each film/song including the Singer(s), the lyricist(s), the director(s), actor(s)/actress(es), the production company et al.

We would be very thankful to all who can provide us with the necessary information and we look forward to your suggestions/comments.

Please visit the site and give us your feedback.

You can send mail to us with any information that you think we can use to set up the database.

Our mail ids are :


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