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Is Deva the Ideal MD for Rajini Films Is Deva the Ideal MD for Rajini Films

Topic started by UV (@ on Fri Jan 19 20:49:34 EST 2001.
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Dear Friends
Many MDs have scored music for Rajini films right from MSV,IR,Chandrabose,Babipi Lahiri,Laxmikanth pyarilal ,ARR to Deva.
But I personally believe Devas music potray the Rajinis charachter in the film than the others ofcourse i am not denying the good work of other MDs, its just that Rajini is a Mass actor and Devas music also is of the same type
for example right from the songs Vanthenda Palkaran,Naa Autokaran to Athanda ithanda all are typical rajini's song and no wonder they all are super duper hit, ofcourse Rajinis another favourite will be ARRs Oruvan oruvan from muthu
and IR 'Oora therunchukiten' but I think Devas recent songs have such an mass appeal
IR songs for Rajini too melodious and classy
ARR songs for Rajini too hifi
Devas songs simple and downtoearth just like Rajnis roles in his films so what you guys have to say

So What you guys have to say


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