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Pallavi or Saranam (Game) Pallavi or Saranam (Game)

Topic started by Priya (@ on Mon Dec 18 00:27:01 EST 2000.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Hi! I'm Priya from Singapore. I want to introduce a song game. This is an interesting game. Pallavi is the starting part of the song and saranam is the middle point of the song. I hope u know. You should also know the lyrics of the song.

I will give a pallavi of a song. You should give me the saranam. Or, If I give u the saranam u should give the pallavi. If u make more than 2 mistakes in the lyrics, never mind. I will tell where your mistake was. OK. Enjoy!

Pallavi: Idho enthan nenjodu ore veedu thaan
Ore veedu ullathellaam nee vazathaan
Uyir theeyil theebam etrinaen
Ennai kondu ennai utrinaen


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