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Ilayaraja Fans (Knowers) - Please Help! Ilayaraja Fans (Knowers) - Please Help!

Topic started by raycas (@ on Thu Nov 15 16:16:53 EST 2001.
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dear ilayaraja fans (knowers), i need ur kind help. i'm an ARR fan, rather young, only 20 years old, spent only 7 years of my life in india (3-7), started hearing to tfm only after ARR came, so stuck to his music, now, with hj, ysr and others, i also started listening to theirs. but there is a legend whose music i like, at least i got to hear some of it here and there, and i must admit i liked it. of course i'm talking about ilayaraja. but as this legend is told to be the master of combining quantity with quality, i find it difficult to start listening to all his songs. so my request is following:
could u people name me songs of ilayaraja which one will like from the first time hearing onwards. i mean songs which were just great hits, for a start only the ones in the 80s. i have heard following ones, and liked them very much, so the songs u name should go in this tradition: songs of 'nayakan' (with most famous 'thenpandi cheemayile', my favourite), 'abhoorva sahootharangal' ('pudhu mapilaku', 'raja kaya vecha','unnai nenachen'), 'dalapathi' ('rakamma', 'kaatu kuyilu')...that's all i know till yet.
so please only the ones which will at first hear strike ur the ones i mentioned.
for example, when someone asked me to do the same for ARR, i would name following songs: 'chinna chinna asai' (roja), 'chikku buku raile' (gentleman), 'hamma hamma', 'uyire' (bombay), 'anjali', 'venilavin' (duet), 'oorvasi - take it easy' and others of (kadhalan), 'odakara' (indhira), 'thillana thillana' (muthu) and so on.... (the actual list would become too long)...
so kindly help!


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