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9th Chords in IR's Music !!! 9th Chords in IR's Music !!!

Topic started by Vel (@ on Sat Feb 1 09:22:25 EST 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I would like to share an interesting info, provided by my friend Vicky, in a IR Music Group in Yahoo...Share more thoughts on the topic, if you have info..

Hi All..

Karthik Rajagopal has again started a topic that’s very hard to resist, not to comment. The 9th chords in Raaja’s music… Wah !! What a
topic…. When I think about the significance just an extra note (swara) added to a particular root chord to make it a special chord like a 7th or
9th, its unbelievable to notice the moods that they create. For one who understands this, Music becomes a child's play and he/she can simply do
whatever they feel like doing with swaras… Of course, Raaja is among those extremely gifted souls who can play with most weirdest combination
of swaras and yet come out phenomenally successful in thier novel attempts!!! I wonder while composing is there anyone else out there who can visualize at a meta-level, in mind, how does a Dm 9th would sound instead of a D Minor ..

Well, in any 9th chords (Both major ninth and minor ninth) When you add a 'periya Ri' to the root chord, it gives that respective 9th. When I
try to realize what an added feel can this big Ri introduce, Raaja bowls me out for a duck, not letting me to conclude that a 9th chord can be
used only on Such and such situations.. Because he has used it for almost all possible situations in Cine-Music. But when I try to give it a closer look, May be I get off the mark with the inference that, a 9th Chord certainly gives a “Reengaaram idum” effect in your ears… (I really can’t find a good English word for the Difficult Tamil word ‘Reengaaram’.. May be Reverberating or Resounding or Resonating or Rich ????)
Because in a major or a minor chord the gap between Sa and Ga is actually large.. Hence this big ‘Ri’ comes in between like a Norwegian peace
delegation on Sri Lanka-LTTE peace process… So when you play it Sa + Ri + Ga + Pa, It gives that resonating effect…

If Nobel consortium ever introduces a Prize for innovation in Music, Raaja would have bagged it for the way he has handled the 9th chords. He
has exploited the reverberating nature of this 9th chords by playing it in a Guitar thro’ phaser!!! This can be evidently noticed in Songs like 'Uravenum pudiya vanil'... When Janaki sings the pallavi of this song, a guitar (with phaser) simply gives the root minor 9th chord in a
arpeggio style.. Ada Ada.. The fear which one would have when you fall in love for the first time is beautiful expressed by the 9th… The song “ Hey I love you !! I Love you !!” is another example.. The way the song
starts in Cm9th with the phased output of the guitar simply mesmerizes you.. Raaja dedicates the prelude of this song for 9th chords like Cm9th, Fm9th, A#M9th, D#M9th from his fleet… Amazing!!!
(Note: If you don’t understand what a phaser is, it’s a electronic gadget which distorts the output of music by sending sound signals again
and again with a phase lag.. Often its connected with a Guitar… Our traditional instruments like Thambura and Moresingh have a inbuilt Phaser in
them.. A matter of hobour for us to be proud about the sound engineering done by our ancestors I must say!!!)

Raaja mostly deletes the 5th note (or the Pa) from the 9th chord.. I don’t know why, but he always prefers a 9th chord to sound like that… But if you see the end result it produces, its worth giving a second Nobel prize !! All of us only remember the prelude of Illamai Idho Idho Idho as, Kamalhassan slowly walking to a bike, starting it. As the tempo of the prelude increases, He revvvs up his bike and when it reaches a peak he yells “Hi Every body.. Wish you a Happy new year…..” and the song
is off to a Magnum opus.. But did anyone realize that its nothing but Cm9th played without G (Or Pa).. Raaja repeats this trick in lots of
other occasions… During the second interlude starting of the song “ Ooru sanam Thoongiruchu….” In the song “Sem poovae. Poovae” during the words
“Padai kondu nadakkum manmadha silaiyo” a beautiful backing of FM9th (Again without Pa) can be heard.. In the second interlude of the song in
the Telugu chiranjeevi movie which is the origianl tune of hindi song “Dhak Dhak karnae laga” (I forgot the telugu song..), Raaja does it
again… There are whole lot of songs that I can think off…. He seem to have mastered the art of beautifying Sivaranjani with minor 9th … In India
24 hours, for Mohanam pieces he has poignantly used Major 9ths...

The third innovation in 9th chords is using them consecutively on a higher octave followed by the same chord on a lower octave… For example,
"Vaa vaa Anbae Anbae" from Agni Nakshathram… When the second interlude starts, a Piano simply plays Cm9th (in half timings) in a higher
octave.. then in lower octave… For two bars… Then the violin takes over…Next is in the movie Guru .. Between the lines of the song “ Perai chollava” and “ Adhu Gnyamaguma” you hear a chord.,.. Its nothing but minor 9th
played consecutively on a higher octave and then on a lower octave….In the song “ Valiyosai” in ‘ Satya’ in the second BGM before the humming
of Lata and SPB begins, the BGM starts with a E minor 9th chord followed by a half bass guitar piece . In the second bar the same E m9th is
played in a octave higher… Aha!! The effect that it creates is heavenly !!!! Same thing he does it again in the interludes of the song Naan Thedum
Sevvandhi poovidhu… Koodu vittu Koodu payura madhiri, Octave vittu octave payum vilaiyattu!!! :-) I run out of words to explain more…

BTW did you guys know that the all time favorite song of Eagles, ‘Hotel California’ starts with Bm9th. …Surely not a co-incidence!!!!!!!!! Great people think alike… eh??

With Love - Vicky


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