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SHOCKING!!! copies my review on TFMpage SHOCKING!!! copies my review on TFMpage

Topic started by Neels (@ on Mon Mar 5 07:10:53 EST 2001.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Hi Admin guys,

This is to bring to your attention the blatant violation of copyright!
My review in TFMforum of the album, "RESONANCE" posted on August 4, 2000 (under REVIEWS:- Other MDs section) has been copied verbatim by the guys and it has neither been credited to this page nor myself!

Please refer to the following URL:

and compare with the one on the TFMpage:

This is SHOCKING, to say the least!

Could you guys take this up further? What shall we do next?

I had written this review out of my admiration of the work in the album and V. S. Narasimhan himself sent me a nice note, thanking me for the review.

The best joke is when you read THEIR Copyright Notice page!!!

May I also appeal to TFMpage regulars to take this issue with them?

Thanks very much.


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