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TAGORE AND EINSTEIN talk about music---something we can all learn from!! TAGORE AND EINSTEIN talk about music---something we can all learn from!!

Topic started by Shashi (@ on Wed Oct 7 17:16:33 EDT 1998.
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Hi everybody

I found this very interesting peice of conversation between Tagore and Einstein on the net. I am going to paste this under this topic. I encourage every music lover to go thru this discussion.

Rabindranath Tagore by his Rabindra Sangeet tried to integrate some western thoughts (harmony etc..) in Indian melodic structure. The film music we hear today belongs to such a category as well.

My previous concerns about Raja composing theoritically using his mind is of genuine concern that the melodic aspect of Indian music--the heart and soul of OUR MUSIC should not suffer. MSV on the other hand did have less WCM knowledge but the melodic content in his songs are high--this could be one of the reasons his music appeals to persons who not only try to listen to music but try to feel it within their hearts (as in both North and South Indian Classical music). I myself was a listener at one time. Now I think I have started to feel.

Please do not interpret this as Raja's music does not necessarily appeal to the heart--it definitely does too.

The discussion to follow.


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