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alai by vidhyasagar alai by vidhyasagar

Topic started by vimal (@ on Thu Sep 11 00:59:19 EDT 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

hey guys ?did u hear alai?
the songs are refreshing and foottappering.
1.alai by shankar maha is good folk with refreshing music
2.ragasiya is superb melody esp in charanam stages of the song
3.solakaatu is very good mix of bhangra and western
4.nee oru is the song of the album.vs come with first ever jazz music of the tamil film.the song is nicely desined in kaykay and sujatha's voice with fantastic hummings
5.paiya is the fastest folkish number which will definetely attract all
6.thingatkilamai is the average but the lyrics will become hit


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