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Ilayaraja Or Bust? Ilayaraja Or Bust?

Topic started by knip (@ on Fri May 2 04:47:03 EDT 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I have been listening to Tamil film music for so long and even though i'm 22, I can only relate to IR's music. I can appreciate the old MDs but it kind of ends there. I tried listening to others and it wears off on the 1st listen. Hindi music is even worse(except for the old ones).

So far Ilayaraja sir is the only one who can sustain quality and innovation. Why aren't there any other true composers out there for a population of more than 1 billion? It's really scary to think of a world without the music of IR. It's even scarier to think of all the bad songs/incidental music we are getting non-stop from all the present wannabees. Only God knows how long this will continue.

For a population of more than 1 billion it's really incredibly amazing that we don't see any other good composers. Will we?


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