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Falsetto singing Falsetto singing

Topic started by Maverick (@ on Fri Jan 10 14:31:29 EST 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Falsetto - (Male) Voice singing in an upper register beyond its normal range.

- Falsetto - Falsetto is the maximal elongation of vocal cords with minimal glottic gap. It can be produced at almost any frequency, but is mostly produced in the upper range for both male and female voices. Falsetto was originally called "false voice" because of the use of castrates (castrated males) when women were not allowed to sing in churches.

What do you guys think about Falsetto singing ?

There are countless artists who try Falsetto singing in English pop, rock circuit. The most famous examples being Michael Jackson, George Michael, Justin Timberlake, Steve Wonder..

And we have our own Kishore Kumar, SPB who have done it many a time in Indian films.
A few instances from Mano , Shankar Mahadevan ..

Even Unnikrishnan said before that did it once for Ivan Yaaro.. song in Minnale during the interlude where he sings the bit 'Parappa pa pa pa..'

I believe that it takes some real vocal talent with a special styling to do it and make it sound pleasant without going overboard.

Do you guys know of any TFM songs where there are instances of Falsetto singing ? Do you know of any artists who does it with aplomb ?


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