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Too many English words in latest TF songs Too many English words in latest TF songs

Topic started by Karunakaran (@ on Mon Nov 30 20:44:20 EST 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

En Iniya Tamizh idayangale!

I just wanted to initiate this topic to find out how many of us really like to have good and pure Tamizh songs in the movies.

Eventhough the presence of English words in TFM songs is not new but nowadays it is too much. Almost every movie comes with 1 or more songs which contains these words.

Makkalin Rasanaigal vidhiyaasamaaga irukkalaam. By using these, our MDs, Paadal aasiriyargal and producers are going beyond the limit. For e-g: in Kaadhal Desam, I couldn't simply tolerate the songs Kalloori salai and Mustafa. Similarly in Kaadhala Kaadhala(Madonna paadala nee).

Thirapadamum adhan paadalgalum Makkalin enaithu tharapinaraiyum poi sera vendiya oru porul. Yes. It should reach the remote village in TN or any place where an uneducated person should be able to understand the dialogues and meaning of the songs.

Who should be blamed for all these? MDs? Paadal Aaasiriyargal? Producers? Directors? or
Nammai pondra rasikargal?

When modern Tamilian is proud of forgetting Tamizh and preferring English, these kind of songs are boosting our attitude to western culture. Iniya Tamizhin Nilai enna aagum?

"Ennavale adi ennavale"-vi rasikkum en manam "Mustafa Mustafa Don't worry Mustafa" -vi keetathum erichal adaiya enna kaaranam?

Are we in the right direction?


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