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<b><i>Agni Nakshathiram</i> - Maestro's Masterpiece without SPB</b> Agni Nakshathiram - Maestro's Masterpiece without SPB

Topic started by h (@ on Mon Feb 23 04:51:26 EST 2004.
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I guess this is the only film, IR did not use SPB, stunning isnt it!!!

The trend setter sets the trend!

Agni Nakshatiram (1988) was the MTVisation of Indian film music long before MTV made its inroads into this country! The song sequences are still regarded one of the best in Indian cinema. It was all the way a cult movie. Agni Nakshatiram was a very suave potboiler, without the melodramatic trappings. A tale of a man and his two wives, and their respective sons, and of course how they cope up with each other. Though the story was no great shakes, itís the screenplay and the narration which got Mani all the attention. Raja Rajathi rajan indha.. is a tapori number with stylish picturisation and sleek camera lightings by P C Sreeram. The more melodious Thoongadha vizhigal rendu.. and Vaa vaa anbae anbae.. borrowed very beautifully from Carnatic raagas, Amirthavarshini and Sivaranjini respectively. Again, the Hindi version (Vansh) in which Mani Ratnam merely shared the credit for the story, had a lovely number in Aa ke teri baahon mein.. by Anand Milind who apparently, used the same Thoongadha vizhigal rendu.., but with greater customization to the Hindi audiences. As in Kasak, it did not reach the people, thanks to the movieís commercial failure. The raaga Mohanam-based song Ninnukori varnam.. and Roja poo naadi vandhadhu.. numbers had Ilayaraja in great form with his orchestration. The other number, Oru poongavanam.. was a rather slow number, but very apt for the sensuous mood of the song.


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