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IR and Blues IR and Blues

Topic started by Jaiganesh (@ on Tue Sep 21 01:55:56 EDT 2004.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Yesterday, I was channel surfing and suddenly got transfixed to a beautiful(!!!) trumpet piece BGM in "Pickpocket" a satyaraj movie. The sequence was Satyaraj , police officer getting arrested for supplying false credentials to join the force on the testimony of Radha. This happens in a marriage hall and IR used the trumpet and a blues piece for the exact sequence where the police officer is handcuffed. It was amazing. It is one thing to use a blues passage to highlight a complete chain of scenes like a car chase or a romantic dinner, but to use it only for a single shot(in this case "handcuffing"), is something unique. Folks why dont we dig up similar pieces in TFM, TeFM and MFM by IR ?


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