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Top 15- anubavithu padia KJY!! Top 15- anubavithu padia KJY!!

Topic started by JJ (@ on Tue Aug 6 12:14:42 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I exclude carnatic based songs, Hindi songs, Malayalam songs. I just list his regular tamil songs.

1) Ennuyir Neethane

After singing in malay, first time when he sings..
"Ennuyir nee thane" in a low voice followed by a music.. it was awesome.. i think the female voice is Jency

2) Vellai Pura ondru

He begins the song humming the same tune.. The voice comes from heaven. I have listened to this song countless times. Still it is a gem.

3) Deivam Thanda Veedu

This is his trademark song. He is still identified with this song. Such a soulful voice his is while singing this.

4) Thoongatha Vizhigal Rendu

This song is an amazing composition. KJY is brilliant in this song.

5) Kanne Kalaimane

He sings this song in a sympathetic voice.

6) Yendhan Nenjil Neengatha

This is a wonderful song too

7) En Iniya pon nilave

8) Senthazampoovil

9) Chittukku Nalla Chittukku

10) Kanavu Kanum vazkkai

11) Chinna Chinna Roja poove

12) Raja Raja Chozhan

13) Poove Sempoove

14) Enge En Jeevane

15) Pazhamudir Cholai
Joyous song


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