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TFMPAGE is Becoming Stale with Stereotyped Discussions and Partisan Groups TFMPAGE is Becoming Stale with Stereotyped Discussions and Partisan Groups

Topic started by UV (@ on Tue Nov 14 11:47:11 EST 2000.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.


I have been visiting and writing in this forum for more than 2yrs now. And i must say this forum has become a place of only bashing MDS and all the topics finally endup as IR VS ARR and then theres is the mean bunch of cheap people who will start up some crazy topic as this MD should retire or this MD is a naatupuram only to generate some hate mails and their by starting off another whole set of junk mails. And TFM Admin doesnt do anything about this.
It is with heavy heart that i would like to say that I wont be posting or starting anymore topics in this forum. Please those good fans let me know of any other good site where the topics and readers show little bit of courtsy and manners let me know.
Where are those good guys who used to post and start excellent discussions... let me know what do you think

Note:I am not starting this discussion only to attract people but really i feel sorry for this webpage to go down in its level.. :(


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