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Tamil music doomed to become western music Tamil music doomed to become western music

Topic started by New_kid_on_the_block (@ on Thu May 22 14:40:21 EDT 2003.
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Today's releases like Kaaka Kaaka, Winner, Punnagai Poove are further blurring the line between Thamizh music and Western music. In fact, the Tamil public are now blind to the fact, how the MDs of these movies are blatantly copying western songs. This music is becoming hit and people will not accept rustic tamizh music anymore. This trend is beginning to get out of hand. IR's music is not the rage anymore even though his tunes are delightful to hear. ARR is getting buried by his own spade. Nowadays, even fusion music is no longer good, only pure western is accepted. That's why ARR is down and nearly out. His next desperate attemp will be a fully westernized album in 'boys' further destroying Tamil music image. I would rather hear music in films from Bharathiraaja, Thankar Bachan than the new hype directors. I hope this trend fails fast. I feel this trend began in the last 2 years with HJ. ARR brought in fusion music, while HJ has brought in western music. YSR is following the same lead. There is no character and stuff in Tamizh music, if this continues.


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