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Challeges for the growing Musicians in India Challeges for the growing Musicians in India

Topic started by Sathish Kumar (@ on Tue Nov 4 13:41:25 EST 2003.
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I am looking out for musical compositions of Illayaraaja that could pose a big challege for the current MDs of india.

One composition that comes to my mind is from the movie Vanaja Girija.... Munnam Seidha varam..... What a mindblowing song and composition. The way the song begins itself is so majestic... Just listen to it once and U will know what i mean. U can download it from

Keep adding the songs that would be very difficult to conceive and orchestrate that our raja has done. One other song is from the movie chandralekha. Arumbu thalire. thalir thoongum malare..... U will hardly find any drums used. The effect of a beat is given with a Bass Guitar i guess....



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