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ARR's use of S. Janaki ARR's use of S. Janaki

Topic started by Shashi (@ on Fri Dec 11 11:53:00 EST 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Hi everybody

It is interesting to note that during his entire career so far ARR has used S.J in only 5 songs so far. Not that it bothers me; infact I am pleasantly surprised. I have felt SJ is very talented but unfortunately her voice does have some 'pisuru' in most of her songs. I have listed below ARR/SJ combi. songs.

1. Ottagaththai Kattikko...SPB & SJ (Gentleman)
2. Kathaazha Kaatu Vazhi...Jayachandran & SJ (Kizhaku Cheemayile)
3. Errani Kurrathaisi...SPB & SJ (Kaadhalan)
4. Uvathi Kalai..Pakka Gentleman.. SPB & SJ (Super Police)
5. Thaniae Thaniae..SJ (Rangeela)

In fact even among these songs the first 2 are the ones worth mentioning. Song 5 in Rangeela is a wonderful in Asha's voice (hindi version) than the tamil version.

What do others think about this--a welcome change or is it otherwise? May be there could be a vote on the 'survey section' if tfm administration group notices this thread.


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