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Rahman vs INXS or Biddu, IR vs. Guitar Prasanna or Eric Johnson, MSV vs. Dr. L SUbramaniam Rahman vs INXS or Biddu, IR vs. Guitar Prasanna or Eric Johnson, MSV vs. Dr. L SUbramaniam

Topic started by Gyan (@ on Sat Oct 16 21:30:59 EDT 2004.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

We talk great stuff about our film composers. But, let us say we compare them to global fusion stalwarts, how much do our composers not stand out. This is comparing apples and Oranges, but i tell you something I would say talented Rahman did something like INXS insteady of copying INXS rhythms or compose nursey rhymes or broadway type tunes most of the time. Even Biddu did beyond Rahman with just 3 famous world class hit in his own inimitable and orginal style (KungFu Fighting, Dance Little Lady Dance, Aap Jaisa Koi) So I prefer Rehman went the style of INXS or Biddu and not make a tired art form look dull with false loops and hopes.

But, when it comes to amazing recordings of Prasanna or Eric Johnson (some of Prasanna' composition follow Eric Johnson' patterns or style) or if it is Dr. L Subramaniam over MSV, I say each are outstanding and each deserve all music fans attention.

I mean, isn't it time Rahman stopped that monotone turtle crawl preludes and grandmother drawl for a pallavi like I thought Swades was all about? Can't this complacent composer just show some energy for a change, man instead of putting it all on the fanaa loop?


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