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Mystical Songs Mystical Songs

Topic started by Nithin (@ on Tue Jun 16 02:24:26 EDT 1998.
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Dear Lovers of Tamil Film Music: Haven't you felt that sudden sense of a incalcubale feeling enveloped by a patina of heavenliness when you heard a certain song? At the same time did your heart not go out to reach Mother Nature in a way that you experience a great mystical attachment to a beauty that only you could see when you were for sometime alone in this world lost in that special song that came by and enshrouded you? Did not that mystical song bring to you a sense of securedness and ethereal beauty. Let me explain with examples of songs, what exactly I mean. The purpose is to highlight the special nature of the songs that makes them mystical and extremely personal in your life. I am sure you too will be able to relate to these songs because such is the nature of the songs I am talking of. In that regard, it will be good to share with us those songs that have kindled that rare mystical feeling in you so much so that you felt that nothing else was ever going to match or replace that feeling when you heard the songs that have that mystical nature in their composition and delivery. Only few composers have achieved that ability to create such priceless songs and I am sure these are songs not really commonly discussed in most of the threads.


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