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Is TFMPage Discussion forum quality degrading? Is TFMPage Discussion forum quality degrading?

Topic started by NCR (@ on Thu Nov 1 16:27:38 EST 2001.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I am closely following this page since 1997 Feb.I visit atleast once in a day. I feel that this TFMDF is the best discussion forum I had ever seen on the net. I used to enjoy different discussions, variety of postings and mostly very good discussions in earlier days. I somehow find the discussions, topics discussed now a days really boring etc.

I find the following more now when compared to few years earlier.

1) More obsene words used than ever
2) Personalised attacks
3) Same topic discussed as different threads
4) Same posting in different threads
5) Very less interested postings( IMHO )
6) Most of the postings are not related to threads
7) Most threads are Comparing two artistes and
many more like this

Is it true that the quality of TFM page discussion forum is degrading Or I am only one feeling that? If true can we do something?


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