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Situation Song - who is good at it Situation Song - who is good at it

Topic started by naga (@ on Wed May 29 15:00:37 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Who is good at composing a song that is aptly suited for a given situation. I mean the song that would have exceeded director's expectation for a given situation. The criteria is that at least 2 MDs should have composed a song for the same situation so that we can compare..

Lets take only 4 situations for now:

situation 1
Hero 'varnichifying' the heroine (would-be wife)

situation 2
When the here sings a song immediately after the hero winning a fight

situation 3
amma sentiment songs; hero sings emotionally for his mother

situation 4
heroine sings when she is in 'that kind of' mood.

Here is my choice:

situation 1
1. pennalla pennalla othappoo -- uzhavan (ARR)
2. ennavendru solvathamma -- Raajakumaran (IR)
3. pl add more from other MDs

(the above 2 songs were for exactly similar situation. Sung for prabhu by SBP. These 2 movies were released almost at the same time. I like the ennavendru song better than pennalla)

situation 2
1. podhuvaaga en manasu -- murattukkalai (IR)
2. saanthu pottu -- thevar magan (IR)
3. annathey aadurar -- apoorva sagotharargal (IR)
4. pl add more from other MDs

situation 3
1. amma endrazhikkatha -- mannan (IR)
2. amma endrale -- nandha ((USR)
3. uyirum neeye -- pavithra (ARR)
4. pl add more from other MDs
(imo, both 1 and 3 are equally good)

situation 4
1. ennulle ennulle -- valli (IR)
2. ennullil engo -- rosappoo ravikkaikari (IR)
3. en dhegam amudham -- oru odai nathiagirathu (IR)
4. there is one great SJ song in gopura vasalile. I can't remember the begining of the song
5. pl add more from other MDs

Can we add more songs by other MDs to the list and choose the best for the each given situation. There could be a lot of songs for the the same situation.. but choose the best in your openion

(yes I am an IR fan but I am not here to start fight...)


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