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Ilayaraja compilation by English men Ilayaraja compilation by English men

Topic started by Arun (@ on Wed Jun 30 14:34:41 EDT 2004.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I had just purchased a Ilayaraja compilation by two englishmen from this website

It had the following songs:

1) Singing self (Nothing but wind)
2) Vaa Vaa Anbe Anbe (AGni Natchathiram)
3) En Manavaanil (kaasi)
4) Ethanna Raathiri (?)
5) Puthu Ponnu (?)
6) NenJe GuruNaatha (?)
7) Rasa Rasa (?)
8) Anniya Kaatu (?)
9) Ethanai Vagai (?)
10)Chinna Kuyil (?)
11)Unnai ninaichu (?)
12)Kamalam Paatha (?)
13)Chinna Raasave (Walter vetrivel)
14)Nothing but wind (Nothing but wind)

For a compilation of Ilayaraja by two foreigners, they have picked some strange numbers. Other than the first three and the last two, I hadn't heard of these before. Some of them are suprisingly good and the rest I think should catch on. But, if they wanted to familiarise Ilayaraja in the west, they should have picked his classic numbers. Maybe it was copyright or something else, however it was a good suprise for me as most songs on the CD are rare ones.


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