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Why is Kannathil Muthamitial so low?? Why is Kannathil Muthamitial so low??

Topic started by jeev (@ on Mon Jan 28 19:57:17 EST 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I just saw the poll of the song rating for this site and it is so biased. Why is songs like nandha up the top. Apart from one song the other songs were normal. And Kasi, hey the movie was touching but not the songs. Alaghi i agree was good it should be there. Manthai thiriduvitai was so so. Just a few humable tunes. Surely Kannathil mutahmaital needs to be at the top. The songs are new and different are a breath of fresh air from the normal songs. Before people start swearing at me that i am a rahman fanatic...stop there I'AM NOT!!! I just love music.
So what is happening???


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