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Does ARR give music in its original form? Does ARR give music in its original form?

Topic started by Uthams (@ on Fri Mar 9 02:04:17 EST 2001.
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I doubt very much!! His music is not continuous. Fully digitized.. taking only samples of music. It is not flowing. Something is missing. Even though it appeals a lot after Rahman doing lot of tweaking with the voice and music after composing, it misses something. I still believe he is way behind IR interms of presenting music in its original form. Hope lots of guys will jump heaven and earth after reading this. But that is the harsh reality. I don't feel like listening to Roja songs anymore. But i still feel like listening to Vizhiyil vizhundu song from Alaigal oivadhillai. I still love his Malayil yaro manadodu. ARR music is more like a music for advertisements. It never blends with story or movie.


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