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Azhagiya theeyae by Ramesh vinayakam Azhagiya theeyae by Ramesh vinayakam

Topic started by 1 (@ on Wed Mar 24 06:31:42 EST 2004.
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Ramesh vinayakam is a music director who has a unique style of composing and right now he is the only promising new music director of tamil cinema.
He did one song in "Ye nee romba azhagha irrukae"
which is "thottu thottu" song. his debut album is "University" which is surprisingly a good album with fresh tunes from a new comer. And then the song "Enna ithu" from nalathamayanthi will live another decade for its soulful melody. And his next album "Azhagiya theeyae" is released recently. Did anyone got the album? I am planning to get it. How is the album and come and discuss about this young talented music director here.


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