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SA Rajkumar - Aadityan - Vidyasagar SA Rajkumar - Aadityan - Vidyasagar

Topic started by Karthik S (@ on Tue Feb 20 22:40:44 EST 2001.
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Without involving ARR/IR/Deva, I wanted to understand why Adityan and Vidyasagar sank without a trace while SAR is reigning supreme?

Yes, Vidyasagar is doing exceptionally well in Malayalam as he was doing in telugu a few years ago. But in tamil, he's merely an occasional coincidence! Adityan did start pretty well with some okay songs in Asuran, Seevalaperi Paandi, Amaran and so on.

Both VS and Adityan were a bit more dependant on the synth side of music, while SAR was much more earthy, albeit, terribly repetitive coupled with heavy duty copying (the song from Sirf Tum 'pehli pehli baar' and from Daag the fire 'dil deewana na jaane' were already sounding ridiculously similar, while SAR lifted one/both of them for the Vaanathai Pola song 'engal veettil ella naalum'....gawd!).

I personally feel its mailny due to Vikraman, the director, who has taken SAR's side right from his first movie. He strayed just twice with ARR (Pudiya Mannargal) and a few movies with sirpi (I think naan pesa ninaipathellam and gokulam). But he has been the man behind some the biggest hits of the last decade with probably the most enviable track record for any tamil director. His movies are extremely simple with lots of feel good factor. NO wonder his movies do so damn well even in telugu and kannada (case in point vaanathai pola's remade versions in telugu and kannada).

Did VS and Adityan lose the race because they didnt have a Vikaraman-like director's backing? Adityan, to some extent had K Rajeshwar's backing while VS, to some extent had Arjun's backing. But K Rajeshwar's career itself was heading nowhere, while ARjun did more outside projects than concentrating on his direction.

What say you?



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