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Bharathi Raja- Illayaraja chemistry.. Bharathi Raja- Illayaraja chemistry..

Topic started by Uthaman (@ on Tue May 28 11:07:13 EDT 2002.
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Champions hunt in pairs. Illayaraja and Bharathi Raja proved a deadly combination. They had a wonderfuly chemistry going on between them. Bharathi Raja should admit some of the best songs ever composed in Tamil are from his movies. All of them composed by Illayaraja. Inspite of the split between them i feel they entertained us to no limit. Some of the haunting hits from them

1) Aayiram Malargale
2) Nadhan En Jeevane
3) Vizhiyil Vizhundu
4) Siru Ponmani
5) Kodiyile Malliga
6) Rasave Unna nambi
7) Ponmalai Pozudhu
8) Senthura Poove
9) Ennathil Edho
10) Adi Athadi
11) Iru Paravigal
12) Poonkathave
13) Poovil Vandu
14) Aayiram Thamarai
15) Kasthuri Maane
16) Kadhal Mayakkam
17) Kadhal Oviyam
18) Pothi Vacha
19) Mancholai Kili
20) Vaan Megangale
21) Oru Ganam Oru Yugamaga

I don't think any other Director-MD combination have been as successful. One might think of Maniratnam-ARR. But Illayaraja produced memorable music for Maniratnam during the early part of his career. That will cancel out. Ex. Pagal Nilavu, Idhya Kovil, Naygan, Mouna Raagam, Anjali, Idhyathai Thirdathe, Agni Natchatiram. Is there any better combo that you can come up with?


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