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<b><i>Malayalam songs are my inspiration</i>, says A R Rahman</b> Malayalam songs are my inspiration, says A R Rahman

Topic started by Jay (@ on Mon Apr 28 01:39:40 EDT 2003.
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[Source: Times of India, April 2003]
KOCHI: Describing Kerala as the 'melodic paradise' of India, internationally acclaimed music director A R Rahman said on saturday that he was waiting for the right kind of music for Malayalam films.

I have some plans for Malayalam films. I am waiting for the right kind of music for Kerala, Rahman told a meet the press programme, organised by the Ernakulam Press Club. But he refused to give details.

Most of his creations had been influenced by Malayalam film songs and 'Mapilla Pattu' (Muslim songs), he said.

Sharing his experience of Bombay Dreams in which he worked with Andrew Lyod Webber, Rahman said it was a 'nice opportunity' as he gained good experience. The musical might go to New York, he said.

On any other project with Webber, Rahman said Webber was doing his own musical now. There were no idea at present. There may be some in the future. Rahman is also composing an orchestral piece for Bermingham Symphonic Orchestra.

The work will be based on 'conference of birds' a 12th century Persian poem. The album was expected to be released by next summer, he said.

Replying to a question, Rahman said world wide the music industry was facing a crisis due to piracy and internet down loading. There were no stringent laws in India to curb it, he said adding the Hindi music was going through a 'troubled' phase with the market down, piracy and bad music taking its toll.

Asked about his favourite singer, Rahman diplomatically evaded the question saying for each song a particular singer might be suitable.

Stating that classical music would always have a fan following, he said he liked both melody and fast music.


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