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India's Greatest Composers of Film Music India's Greatest Composers of Film Music

Topic started by Nithin (@ on Sun Jun 7 15:36:55 EDT 1998.
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Strangely last night, I was going to open this topic and it is a reflection of the amount of time I have spent listening to film music in India and the deep admiration I developed for various composers. I stopped short, since I was not sure if there was another similar thread archived and if Ravi would start asking unnerving questions. So, I gave priority to some other thread. But, after seeing the baseless new thread foiled upon us by a certain Mr. Keeeeee, I thought why not put my bit and share my musical 'enthusiasm' and invite my friends in the thread to help one another know more about composers whom we may have not heard. I am ranking composers of India, who are in least doubt world-class geniuses. The criteria employed is: consistently ingenious songs, prolificity, timelessness and priceless contribution to the storehouse of India's great art. Here, we go.


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