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IR's interview on Sun TV IR's interview on Sun TV

Topic started by Hari Prasad A (@ on Wed Jan 26 12:38:51 EST 2000.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Sun Tvyil Ilayaraajavin interview paarthen. About the music, in His own words, " Indhiya thirai isai ulaga varalaatrile migapperiya thuvakkam, idhai pola yaarum panniyadhum illai, pannapovadhum illai" enru solli irukkkirar. Eppadi irukka poginradhu endru ninaithaale manadhil nadukkam pirakkindradhu...

The BGM, as we all know, has been played by the Budapest Symphony Orchestra. IR talked proudly about how much He enjoyed working with them, and how the conductor appreciated His work. He talked about how this was the first time a symphony orchestra has played for a film in Indian history, and how superior he felt the quality of sound and feel would be.

Later, He became sentimental about how people in India do not respect the artists we have. He felt really sad that while every small town in Europe had a symphony orchestra, there was nothing here.. One could detect even a touch of anger, when He said - " Bombayil Tata Opera Hall katti irukkanga. Yaaru vasikkappora? Adhukkum velinaattu aalungala dhan kooppiduveenga... Yenna maadhiri aalunga ellam edhukku irukkirom? naan oru film music director, yennaala symphony orchestrakkaga ellam ezhudha mudiyadhu paarunga..."

I am dying to see and listen to the movie ....


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