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Songs, Which Give Motivational Thoughts Songs, Which Give Motivational Thoughts

Topic started by Sheik (@ on Fri Mar 24 19:07:34 EST 2000.
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Hello Friends,

Here I would like to add a new topic "Tamil Songs, Which Give Motivational Thoughts". In Tamil Songs there are lot of Songs to motivate us. Example the following song, "Vaazha Ninaiththaal Vaazhalaam Vazhiyaa Illai Boomiyil...". If you see the lyrics in that song, which will give more motivational thoughts like...
"Paarkka Therinthaal.. Paathai Theriyum...
Paathai Therinthaal.. Payanam Thodarum...
Payanam Thodarnthaal..Kathavu Thirakkum...
Kathavu Thiranthaal... " and goes like that. What these lines show me is, the basic thing for the life is "Vision", that is, the way how We are looking and approaching the problems in our Life. Like this we have plenty of songs in tamil film music. I hope you will like this topic. Why don't you guys try some more songs and tell us how it will motivate the people. Some of the Songs I do like are...

1. Mayakkamaa Kalakkamaa (Sumaithaangi)
2. Unnai Arinthaal Nee Unnai Arinthaaal Ulagaththil POraadalaam (VEttaik Kaaran)
3. Achcham Enbathu Madamaiyadaaa... (Mannaathi Mannan)
4. Saththiyamay Latchiyamaai Kolladaa (Neela Malai Thirudan)
5. Thirudaathey... Paappaa Thirudaathey... (Thirudaathey)... And goes on like this...



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