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Background score needed urgent! Background score needed urgent!

Topic started by Excuse_me (@ on Mon Apr 15 00:37:01 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Hi guys! I am sorry to start this thread..but i am really helpless finding this background theme score in the stupid blockbuster hit "Chocolate".
The songs are not much worthy(from my view), but this few lines put repeteadly in the movie kills me off. it starts like this
"En Nilalai Uyirai Sendrai..aiyayiyoo"
sung so nice too... couldnt find it in CD or anywhere but it apeared in Sakthi FM live from Colombo... and i tried to record it but it disapointedly ended.
Please guys any of you could tell me where to get it.. if u have it could you pass to me through msn.
email address
please dont anyone jump on me for my desperate attempt.


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