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are websites hosting (real audio)/mp3 music of (new) albums good for the music industry ? are websites hosting (real audio)/mp3 music of (new) albums good for the music industry ?

Topic started by saregamaremix (@ on Tue Nov 5 18:03:50 EST 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Though this topic is not related to tamizh film music alone, i think that in this day and age, it is very pertinent.

With the mohankumars and tamilbeats of the .com world, uploading new music within days of the release - it is almost unchecked piracy !!
it would still be ok if these were teasers/trailers.. but the complete audio !!

a case of technology getting ahead of law making & regulation, in the days the world is shrinking by the day...

this activity is crippling the audio industry and affecting almost all musicians and recording industry..

i think that the audio industry and law makers of the country/world should take measures for negating the effect by various means..

i would think that it should also be possible to
regulate by legalizing and selling 'internet rights of audio' - which could inturn be made available to public via pay-to-own/pay-per-hear fees..

i think the indian audio industry should especially tap into this market too, as this could be a major foreign exchange earner due
to the nature of demographic distribution of
non resident indians...

sincere views and opinions on this, hopefully,
from some of the webmasters of sites hosting mp3s too would be greatly appreciated !!


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