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Interpretation of a Particular song of Isaignani Interpretation of a Particular song of Isaignani

Topic started by Narasimhan Srinivasan (@ on Sun Mar 19 12:03:13 EST 2000.
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Dear IR Fans,
Have you ever felt that a particular song of Isaignani tells something very special about the movie for which it has been composed?
I can begin with an example.

Chinna Chinna Vanna Kuyil... From MOUNA RAGAM

I have always felt that the first interlude talks about the evolution of Divya, the female protaganist of the movie. I won't be able to explain it in musical terms (maybe, one of you could help me in that direction). It begins with a music where it tells you about a carefree girl who says "Poovilangu Thevayillai Ye (POOVO Megam song)". Then Divya meets Mohan(which is brought out by the violin piece). The rift is also portrayed before we get to hear the compassionate feeling Divya has for Mohan after his accident. Mind you this song comes after the accident only.

I welcome comments/criticism about this interpretation.

I also welcome IR fans to come out with interpretations of Isaignani songs.

with regards


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