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Songs of Aabaavaanan's movies Songs of Aabaavaanan's movies

Topic started by Ramakrishna (@ on Sat Jun 22 13:15:31 EDT 2002.
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I think the songs of Aabaavaanan's "Oomai Vizhigal" are simply superb, both as far as the lyrics and music are concerned. The song "Tholvi nilaiyena" is a thathuvam paadal that is right up there with Sivaji's hits like "Ullam enbadhu aamai" or "Silar siripaar". Same goes for "Nilai maarun ulagil".

The other songs of the same movie like "Maamarathu" or "Kanmani nillu" are also very good. Hats off to Aabaavaanan for penning the lyrics which I think are better than Vairamuthu's, even during the same time (the less said about the general standard of lyrics today, the better). Manoj-Gyan did a wonderful job as music directors.

The movie itself was very good, from what I remeber, but I thought the editing could have been better.

I know "Inainda Kaigal" was his next big one thoguh I don't think its songs are as memorable as that of Oomai Vizhigal. One scene that I vividly remeber from that movie was the little green troll that attacks the hero. It was scary and also so original.

What are his other movies? I know he directed a Vijayakanth movie (Uzhavar magan?) What is he upto these days? And what about Manoj-Gyan?

PS - Is it true that Aabaavaanan's real name is Chinnasamy?


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