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Srruthi Music Troupe - Humble Talented Musicians of Toronto Srruthi Music Troupe - Humble Talented Musicians of Toronto

Topic started by Venu Gaanan (@ on Mon Mar 17 21:14:29 EST 2003.
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I am a fan of the Srruthi Music Troupe of Toronto.
I was at one of their latest shows last weekend and they took me by surprise. These guys performed live.. no sequencing.. no minus ones.. all live real time playing and they still sounded just like the originals. Great singers and great musicians.. I was mesmerized. As a matter of fact, I went to their show to watch Harish Ragavendra, Devan and Ganga perform.. but Srruthi (who were backing these artists) captured my heart.

I want to know more about this band. If any of you out there know about Srruthi, please share your thoughts and comments.


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