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thamizhukku amuthenru per thamizhukku amuthenru per

Topic started by cram (@ on Tue Nov 3 10:35:12 EST 1998.
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hi folks. no, this thread is not about puratchi kavignar's contribution to TFM (though i would love to discuss his songs in a separate thread). people might find this a bit fuzzy, but anyway, here I go.
just as the finer nuances of various genres of music are seen in TFM, which make for terrific discussion, the various subtleties of the great tamil tongue and its literature are also seen.
for eg: there is a particular literary form in tamil (equivalent of oxymoron in english) where the poet/writer expresses the lack of something through impossibilities, metaphorically. kannadhaasan handled it in the Junior song in avargal (udayathai kaana merrku nokki yaengukiraai), TR wrote an entire song in oru thalai raagam (ithu kuzhandhai paadum thaalattu). think vaali-yum athai kaiyaanduLLar, in unnai ninaichchen paattu padichchen (kottum mazhaikkaalam maavui virkkkapponen). pundits should be able to tell me what this particular technique is.
another is silaedai (equivalent of punning). correct me if i am wrong, but the athikkai song from Bhale Pandiya should qualify under this.
fantasy is another technique that VM has excelled in (putham puthu bhoomi vaendum).
if things are clear till now, shall we discuss such literary form usages in TFM? pundits, pls try and be lucid. illenna, naan jagaa vaangikkuvaen.


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