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Tamil Cinema's campaign against Education Tamil Cinema's campaign against Education

Topic started by Srini (@ on Mon Feb 11 10:03:37 EST 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Udan pirapugale,

Any thoughts on whether Tamil Cinema is quitely on a campaign against Education/literacy ?

Any of u guys remember any hero succeeding in life because he studied properly & worked in an office (lawyers excluded). The Hero is always illiterate or at best BA lit. & pissed off because he cannot get a job(!!). The educated & the rich ones are always arrogant (the opposite of Tamil Panpadu(culture for Non Tamilians in the thread). The rich are supposedly never happy. Poor people or the village people are the ones who are 'cultured', hospitable & happy BECAUSE they don't have to worry about money etc...

English is a language for the pseudo. Look at Rajini , our super star, in all his films never goes to college, can talk only yah, yah in English.

None of the young heroes ever attend class, always ridicule students who do.

Knowing how much our society model themselves on the heroes, what is Tamil Cinema taking the people ?

Any thoughts


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