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Maestro sidelined Isaignani Maestro sidelined Isaignani

Topic started by G. Kuppusamy (@ on Tue Dec 26 04:39:11 EST 2000.
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"Maestro Illayaraja sidelined Isaignani Illayaraaja" - I feel this is the reason why ordinary music lovers nowadays say that IR (can) no longer produce(s) good film tunes. I putforth my points as follows:

Late 80s did not have Directors who wanted to get good tunes out of a MD except a few like Maniratnam, KB. late 80s directors just wanted some songs from IR. Bcos any product labeled IR was a sure hit. they did not bother much about fresh tunes. As a MD IR, on his part did justice in doing experimental stuff like fusion in WC and folk even in those films whose directors fall in the above said category.

By that time IR was well set in TFM. He rarely did voulantary fresh tunes because of too much music for lots of films which deserved not that much grand music. This is not a fault of IR at all. A director should convey new stories, fresh situations so that it makes a MD to give fresh tunes. I am not saying IR could not think fresh because even during those times we could get fresh tunes from IR in the movies of Mani, KB and other likes who demanded fresh tunes. Hence IR was underutilised in late 80s and in very early 90s.

Early 90s saw another blow to IR; even those who demanded good tunes from IR changed to ARR. New directors like Shankar who also demand good tunes did not choose IR. But few films like "Mahanadhi" had those "Isaignani" stamp in them (Isaignani i mean brilliant tunes and still could be appreciated by common music lovers).

But the stepping into shoes of Maestro alienated him more from the common music lovers. He still gives brilliant music in films but they are not appreciated that much as from isaignani's. He had only those directors who did not demand fresh tunes; he kept on losing demanders to other MDs; whatever voluantary music he did/does, he did/does them in experimental ways like WC and other high plane stuff things.

We cannot blame him for not giving voluntary things. He has been in the TFM for nearly 25 years and has given music for about 900 films. It is too much to demand a MD to always think fresh tunes on his own without having any good situations. What he keeps on getting is M&B plots. It is highly laudable that he is one of such great MDs who even after such adversities has not dried his thinking.

But on the other hand his thinking shifted to other direction; he turned more classical. Meanwhile other MDs have got good thinking directors to demand fresh tunes. This compounded with the reason mentioned above sidelined Isaignani.

I am a layman in Music. So I know my opinion has flaws. Hence other angle ideas are most welcome. But please...please...dont make it another M&B thread. Sincerly this thread is not at all intended for that.

We had many highly productive threads. Lets make this as one of those good lively debates...


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