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Why does ARR always begin songs with a word repeated twice? Why does ARR always begin songs with a word repeated twice?

Topic started by rjay (@ on Fri May 8 04:27:19 EDT 1998.
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10 years ago an American made a survey
of 3000 songs and analysed them to find out
what makes a hit. One of the startling findings was that 80% of the top hits began with a repeated word.

Having read this, I realised ARR should have read this somewhere too! More than 80% of his
songs (hits or not hits) begin this way.
Starting from
Chinna Chinna Asai to Haira Haira.
I am not going to list them. I would rather
make a list of ARR songs that DON'T repeat
a word on the first line!

Lot of other music directors have caught this
vagon too - Akila Akila, Nalam Nalamariya,
Dilrupa Dilrupa and so on. and there have
been lots of old hits too - thandana Thandana.
In fact this has been used as a poetic device
(Irattai Kilavi?)

What worries me is I suspect ARR is beginning to use this as a formula and this is making his
music very stale and predictable.



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