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<b>Harris Jayaraj- Heir to Rahman ?</b> Harris Jayaraj- Heir to Rahman ?

Topic started by jj (@ on Sat Feb 14 06:21:45 EST 2004.
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Harris Jayaraj- Heir to Rahman ?

BY Moviebuzz
Saturday, 14 February , 2004, 12:53

Harris Jayaraj is clearly the most popular music director in Tamil cinema today. He has virtually taken over the throne abdicated by A.R.Rahman who is now more interested in going international especially after the success of his Chinese film Warriors Of Heaven And Earth.

It is advantage Harris as his competitors; Vidyasagar, Bharadwaj and Yuvan Shankar Raja could not match his output of youth music. In the last one year his albums like Saamy, Lesa Lesa, Kaakha Kaakha, and this year's Kovil sold more than any other music director.

What sells today is peppy, foot-tapping songs and when Minnale was recently re-telecast on Raj TV, the TRP was impressive as the audience lapped up the songs and background score. Harris is today able to sell a film on his own, which only A.R.Rahman and Ilayaraaja could do in their hay days.

Harris is the clear winner as Rahman’s biggest source of strength and support, director Shankar has switched over to him with his new film Anniyan. But Harris has to watch out as he is becoming repetitive. The song “Kokku Meene Thinnuma…” in Kovil was nothing but a rehash of his own ”Kalyanam Than Pannikittu Odipolama…” from Saamy!


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