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TFM without IlayaRaaja TFM without IlayaRaaja

Topic started by mfm (@ on Tue May 12 22:59:35 EDT 1998.
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Shall we imagine what would have happened to TFM, if there is no IR since 1976 till say, the debut of Deva, ARR etc., Ofcourse, everybody said that he made Tamilians to divert from Hindi songs. Won't it be interesting, if we can go into more detail

Without the debut of IR,
1. would MSV continued to rule TFM? for how long?
2. who would have took TFM from MSV? again for how long?
3. what would have happened to those films in which IR is the hero? (Not to mention everybody knows)
4. would there be so many no. of tamil films produced/released in that period
5. would TFM sought a MD from North India like RD Burman etc.,

Note: I would say IR is the inspiration for the present MDs.

Firstly Deva, he won't even exist without IR 'cos his compositions is Deva's Film Music Reference Manual, Dictionary, Encyclopaedia. Sirpi, SA R.Kumar etc., would also fall into this category

I welcome any corrections to my second point. Thin k about ARR... (1) he breathed the air that IR breathed (2) he was brought up under the shelter of IR (3) he learnt what is the definition of a complete Film MD (4) he is a sincere student(which ARR failed to mention) from the SCHOOL of IR specialised in complex orchestration & mixing(manual) (5) Can anybody add more...

All these not for 1 yr or 2 yrs or even 5 yrs but for 10 years - a DECADE experience for ARR with IR.

Can ARR or his fans rule out the fact that he did not benefit anything under the shadow of IR to attain the place he is enjoying now?? As many of us exclaim that IR is great creation of GOD, I think GOD also created ARR [not as great as IR anyway :-) ] to grew with IR and oneday get atleast a group of people to say that he replaced IR(which I do not agree anyway).

A few would ask why not VS Narasimhan or other veteran player in IR's team did not come like ARR. Well that's why I say ARR is a sincere STUDENT of IR School. GOD created ARR to be smart, intelligent and courageous enough to study IR for such a long time and get ARR to perform something different from what IR did. I think it can happen only for a limited period, but I wish ARR a long life in TFM & otherFM. B'cos IR is a ocean by himself, it will be a miracle if anyone can do things different from him for a long time.

Before I continue, let me get my views validated by the experts out there in DF.

Though I am hard-core, devotee of IR, I do not dislike or "hate" other MDs(ofcourse I do not listen to their songs:-). I believe there are geniune TFM fans/experts who can contribute to the imagination of "TFM without IR" and make this topic interesting & healthy.



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