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Raja pops up in an unexpected place! Raja pops up in an unexpected place!

Topic started by Sreeni (@ on Wed Sep 23 12:05:59 EDT 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

This aint strictly TFM but this bit of info will be of interest to many,i'm sure.
Raja just cropped up on a drum n bass album by the redoubtable(and ubiquitous) Indo-Brit tabla-whiz Talvin Singh.His much hyped debut album "OK" is due out on Island sometime shortly and since it features Raja's contribution among others this may be the time for timorous TFM-fans to step into untested waters!
Read about it here-

I've obtained an advance copy of the album from a secret source and I love it,it has lush synth ambience overlaid on manic chittering drum n bass beats and tabla pyrotechnics.The tabla,however is either a computer program or acoustic tabla thats been processed,so expect some surprises-it sounds like Diwali crackers!Some heartbreaking flute playing by Rakesh Churasia.Its not clear whats Raja's contribution but it may be the string arrangements(which sound somewhat like the Bombay theme,which is another story btw) or the flute compositions...
Happy listening.


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