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Hey Ram - Breaking new ground Hey Ram - Breaking new ground

Topic started by cram (@ on Fri Feb 18 04:07:04 EST 2000.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

just back from watching Hey Ram. straightaway i can say it's a must-see. the first half is simply awesome, but the second doesn't quite live up to the initial impact. highlights are of course, IR's scintillating BGM (now we know what he was talking about when he said this would be a first in Indian cinema). and it's not just violins, he's used quite a bit of percussion, synthesiser, mesmerising flute...simply magnificent.
screenplay, dialogues, song picturisation, kamal's acting (especially in certain scenes like when Rani Mukherjee is raped and murdered), cinematography, sets, editing are all top notch. rest of the cast has also done a great job, with atul kulkarni coming out with flying colours.
kudos to Kamal for such a daring attempt. wish we had more like him.


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