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All songs are very good. All songs are very good.

Tamil Film Musicla ella movieslayum ella songsum hit allathu ketka nanna irukkumrathu sila padankalil mattume. If u feel like all songs are great or very good in a movie, please post your response including the film name, songs and the MD for that movie. Etho oru pattu mattum koncham sari illenna kooda parava illai.
I am starting this topic with a movie 'Sindhu Bairavi'. Music Director 'Mastro' genius Ilayaraaja.
1. Mari mari ninne..
2. Padariyen padippariyen..
3. Maha ganabathim...
4. Poo maalai vaanki..
5. Thom thom namtha...
6. Kalaivaaniye...
7. Manathil uruthi vendum..
8. Thanni thotti (Thrishti!).

Please any other songs if i have missed here. It will be nice to collect a list so that we can trace out CDs which has combinations of movies which has good songs. Best of Luck.
Thanks in advance. Guhan Ksmaniam.

Topic started by Arimugam (@ on Fri Jan 30 17:46:47 EST 1998.
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