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Innum Enna Seiyya Pogirai Anbaana Maestro Avargaley!! Innum Enna Seiyya Pogirai Anbaana Maestro Avargaley!!

Topic started by SINGARAVELA ISAIGNANI (@ on Thu Jun 13 02:34:55 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

(I had shut myself out from listening to the Maestro' works since 1986 thru 1996, when like the Maestro I also returned to the greater music with Kadhulukku Mariyadhai! From then on, I am trying to catch up on over 400 movies and as expected I cannot proceed because I am stuck with some discoveries. It is an amazing journey for me now! ) Adhu preludeinu vachchikoyen. Now, coming to the topic.

1. Innum Enna Seiyya Pogirai Anbe Anbe (Singaravelan) Finally, I found the Indian song that has the same compositional class as Michael Jackson's Thriller and Billie Jeanm which in my opinion are the greatest pop numbers. And, IR's contribution to a genre for a western audience is amply satisfied with this song. I am at peace now, yet I want to discover more of IR.

Maybe you can help of songs that are as immaculate as the following ones, which is what I would compile for a GLOBAL AUDIENCE. It can sell around 30 million with marketing efforts:

2. Ival Oru (Brahma)
3. Enadhu Vizhi Ival Meley (Solla Thudikuthu Manasu)
4. Malar Thoppiththil (Dhooram Arikey in Mal)
5. Vanna Nila Vanna Nila (Uzhaippali?)
6. Oh Oh Megham Vandhadhu
7. Oh Butterfly (Meera) clearly for a western audience, just too perfect
8. Ulagam Muzhudhum (24 hours, u got to hear this duet by KJY and VJ)
9. Jinjinnaku Jannakku (Enga Ooru Paattukkaran)
10. Thaa thandhanam Kkummi Kkottu (Adhisay Piravi)
12. Poothathu Poo poop poothu (?)
13. Malligaye Malligaye

(The last 4 may strike it, but they are just too immaculate to be not made known to a world audience.)

That is my question to one and only Maestro. Innum Enna Seiyya Pogirai Anbin Anbaana Maestro Avargaley!! (If our IsaiGnani I feel a longing for a match for another foriegn composition called Planet of the New Orleans by Dire Straits - a very deliberate, contemplative and simply smooth composition. Does anyone know if something like that has been composed by IR?)

BUT, THIS INNUM ENNA SEYYA POGIRAYI ANBE ANBE HAS KNOCKED ME OUT TOTALLY. IT USED TO BE THE KARTHIK RAAJA'S KRISHNA, KRISHNA THAT BEWILDERED ME BUT TO A MUCH LESS LEVEL THAN SINGARAVELAN!!!!! Has anyone had similar experiences with the above numbers, any compilation for a global audience and any songs that still bewilder you?!


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