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<b>Andhra's favourite Music Director, <i>R P Patnaik</i> in TFM</b> Andhra's favourite Music Director, R P Patnaik in TFM

Topic started by Jay (@ on Thu Mar 13 00:36:06 EST 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

R P Patnaik, the name may be new for TFM listeners, but he is considered as the Number ONE music direcor in Andhra Pradesh (Telugu Industry). R P Patnaik is so famous in Telugu, that Mega Star Chiranjeevi asked him to compose one song last year for his previous film Indra, which had music by Mani Sharma.

R P Patnaik has super hits in Telugu for films such as;

Chitram (which was dubbed in Tamil).
Nuvve Nenu (which is remade in Hindi with Tushar and Anitha as Yeh Dil).

Now Jayam which was directed in Telugu by Tejaa, is being remade in Tamil as; Jayam starring new comers (same heroine Sada). The same music scores from the Telugu Jayam will be used in Tamil Jayam as well. The Telugu Jayam, song, Naanu Raanu... was used by our own copy cat Deva in Vijay's, Bhagavathy as Kai Kai vakkira..., a straight lift.

Telugu music lovers accepted, Vidhyasagar, Deva, Ilayaraja, A R Rahman, Harris Jayaraj. Will Tamil music lovers accept R P Patnaik, like Mani Sharma??

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